March 26, 2016

Tremblant Dog Sledding


Tremblant dog sledding activities are fun for the entire family regardless of age. Dog sledding is a sled pulled by more than one dog for the purpose of traveling over ice and snow and dates back as far as the 10th century. Tremblant dog sledding activities are exciting and offer a unique opportunity to participate in an activity that few people get a chance to experience.

Before hitting the snow covered trails and shouting “Mush, Mush”, your journey starts at the kennel. From here you get to meet the dogs that will pull your sled, learn their names and harness them yourself. But before you embark on your journey you will have a brief lesson with instructions on how to drive your team of dogs. Accompanied by a professional guide, you can begin your trip which will take you on a fun ride through the mountains and forests with in the Laurentian region. During your trip and in the company of your huskies you will have a 15 minute break to enjoy a hot tea or coffee. Before you depart back to the resort, sit down for a light lunch with your guide where you will get a chance to ask questions and to learn more about the dogs.


Please note that these are 2012-2013 prices and may have changed.

Important Information:

    • Reservations are required.
    • Two passengers per sled.
    • Warm clothes required and should include layered clothing, warm and comfortable boots, hat and mittens.

Dog sledding is not recommended for women that are pregnant.