March 26, 2016

Burton Riglet Park

Mont Tremblant is known as prime destination for many major sport events including the 24 Hour Ski Tremblant Event, the Ferrari Racing Tremblant festival, the spectacular Ironman Tremblant race, the Pond Hockey Tremblant competition, the highly anticipated Snow Polo Cup Tremblant, the SG Speed Camp competition and many more. The snow school Tremblant offers many skiing and snowboarding camps to train young athletes under the guidance of licensed professionals. Camps at the snow school Tremblant are usually ending with a competitive race to measure improved and learned skills. Parents lodging in Mont Tremblant may register their kids at the Burton Riglet Park where children as young as 3 years old will learn snowboarding in a safe and controlled environment.

Burton has long been a sponsor for major events and has attracted many Canadian national competitions:

Parents lodging in Mont Tremblant and interested in more information about the Burton Riglet camp may visit the resort website.

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