March 26, 2016

Ice Fishing Tremblant

Ice fishing in Tremblant is an ideal winter activity to enjoy with both the family and groups of friends. Ice fishing is a major winter sport in some countries and is one of the most popular Tremblant activities during the winter for Canadians.

Modern day ice fishing is the sport of catching fish where you use a line with a hook or a spear through a hole in the ice. Hundreds of years ago Ice Fishing in Canada was a major means of survival for the native Indians who depended on ice fishing as a source for food.

Just ten minutes from the Tremblant resort you can experience firsthand this authentic Canadian winter pastime. Let an experienced guide share his knowledge while of Ice Fishing in Tremblant on a frozen lake at the foot of the mountains.

All equipment and an ice fishing permit will be supplied so you can try your luck at catching some pikes or perch. A heated tent will be set up in case you need some warming up.