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Mushroom Hunting

Mushroom hunting in Mont Tremblant

mushroom hunting in Mont TremblantMushroom picking or mushroom hunting in Mont Tremblant is a fun pastime for the entire family. The moist, wooded soil on the hills surrounding the resort offer the perfect environment for a variety of mushrooms to grow in spring, summer and in fall. Inexperienced pickers are advised not to touch or eat any mushrooms found. They should first verifying the gathered treasures with a knowledgeable resident of the area. The chefs of some of the best restaurants in town can often be seen early in the morning foraging for the ingredients of the most exquisite dishes on the menu.


Most Tremblant lodging facilities are in close proximity to Tremblant’s National Park with its large forests, lakes, rivers and streams. Although hundreds of edible mushrooms can be found inside the grounds of the park, visitors must pay attention to the reservation guidelines that prohibit the removal of any natural elements.


The most promising mushroom hunting in Mont Tremblant should be done early in the morning after a rainy night. Often the dishes prepared with the found delicacies become one of the highlights of the Tremblant lodging facilities experience.

Here are some of the most delicious tasting local mushrooms that can be found:

Chicken of the Woods

mushroom hunting in Mont Tremblant

King Polete

Golden Chanterelle

Lactarius thyinos