March 26, 2016

Pilot for a Day & Airplane Tours

Airplane Tours

Tremblant airplane tours are offered at the Gray Rocks Airport located just 10 minutes from the Resort. An experienced pilot will take you up in a 3 passenger Cessna for a 20 or 30 minute tour.

20 Minute Airplane Tour
This tour takes you high above the Rouge River Valley where you will see the beautiful waterfalls in Labelle, the north end of Lake Tremblant and Tremblant Resort.

30 Minute Airplane Tour
This tour you will see everything in the 20 minute tour plus you will fly over Mont-Tremblant National Park where you will see several lakes and finish with a picturesque view of Lake Tremblant and Tremblant Resort.

Pilot for a Day

Have you wished you could fly or dreamed of becoming a pilot? If the answer is yes, you must try the Pilot for a Day activity that allows you to fly high above the Laurentian Mountains. An experienced flight instructor will give you a 1-hour class on the basics of flying and standard airplane operation, walk you through a pre-flight check, before you take off on a 50 minute flight. Once you land back at the Air Field you will have a 15 minute debriefing. You are welcome to invite two passengers along for the ride.

Please contact the Tremblant Activity Center at 819-681-4848 or visit them on line at for more information or to book a tour.