March 26, 2016

ATVs in Tremblant

An ATV in Tremblant is the acronym for “all terrain vehicle” or in French, a VTT. An ATV is also one of the most exciting things to do in Tremblant. An ATV, also referred to as a “quad”, has four tires and is similar to a jet ski or a motorcycle. Like its name suggests, an ATV is a vehicle that is agile enough to travel on most terrain. It is a 4 x 4 vehicle with low tire pressure that allows the vehicle to easily go over obstacles.

A driver’s license is required to operate an ATV in Tremblant but they are not street legal and must be driven on dedicated trails. These same trails are also shared by snowmobiles during the winter time.

ATVs in Tremblant are designed to be used by one rider however if equipped properly and the driver has taken a short class they may transport a second person.

ATVs are offered in various size engines from 49cc to 1,000cc. Most ATV’s in Tremblant average are at least 400cc which gives then enough torque to overcome many of the obstacles you will find along trails in Mont Tremblant.

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