March 26, 2016

Tremblant ATV Equipment & Safety

ATVs (all terrain vehicles) can be dangerous whether you are a beginner or an expert rider. When renting ATVs during holidays in Tremblant should be aware that the trails can be challenging and set aside time to familiarize themselves with the correct equipment to ride an ATV.

First time riders and those not familiar with the trails in Mt Tremblant should take a guided tour with an instructor prior to setting off on their own. An instructor will walk you through the vehicle’s various functions, go over important safety precautions and make sure you feel comfortable to drive the ATV.

Drivers of ATVs are required to use a helmet which may reduce the risk of injury if an accident should occur and of course it’s always to be well protected. We suggest that you wear a full helmet that covers not only your head but also your face. Keep in mind there is no windshield and it is not uncommon to encounter insects, tree branches, or other various debris. Protecting your head is a must and even more important if you are a beginner.

Eye-glasses or goggles should also be worn while operating an ATV. This is very important in order to protect your eyes from dust, insects, branches etc. Being properly dressed is also important; during the winter time make sure you are wearing warm clothing and your attire is waterproof. Shoes should be comfortable but rigid and cover your feet and ankles.

If you are here for the holidays in Tremblant and want to do something exciting rent an ATV. Most of the rental companies in Tremblant will brief you on the safe operate an ATV as well as provide you with a list of important equipment to ride an ATV.

Follow this link for more information on renting an ATV in Tremblant.