March 26, 2016

The ‘Petit Train du Nord’ Cycling Path

Located in the heart of the Laurentian region, Le Petit Train du Nord is the longest trail in Canada. The trail follows an old 20th century railway line that offers 230 kilometers (142 miles) of trails that take you through beautiful landscapes, rivers, lakes and many villages. Le Petit Train du Nord starts just south of Montreal in Saint Jerome and goes all the way to Mont Laurier to the North end of Mont Tremblant. The trail is a great source for Tremblant activities that include cross country skiing in winter and cycling and hiking in the summertime.

The trail is a great asset for the region and easily accessible attracting visitors from all around the globe that enjoy biking. The Petit Train du Nord not only presents one of the most beautiful and longest trails for cyclists but it is also safe and prohibits all motor vehicles. Cyclists will find along the trail and about every 15 miles a village with lodging, plenty of restaurants, camping, stores and wonderful cuisine. Also on the tail are many old and charming train stations that have been restored and are being used to service the needs of cyclist by offering meals and drinks.

The last train to run down the Petit Train du Nord was in 1990. Today it is used primarily by cyclists may choose to ride a small segment which may take just a few hours or by tourists that spend several days biking large of portions and sleeping under tents or in B&B along the path. Cyclists that want to bike only portions of the Petit Train du Nord may use the services of shuttles that will bring them to other segments or to return to their departure spot. The terrain is uneven and the trail is not recommended for road bikes. There is asphalt in only a small segment of the trail and it is recommended using mountain bikes or hybrids.