March 26, 2016

Hiking in Mont Tremblant

Whether you like short or long walks, hiking in Mont Tremblant can be fun for the entire family. The numerous hiking trails throughout the region offer an adventure for both beginners and expert hikers and have become one of the most popular year round Tremblant activities. The network of hiking trails in Tremblant gives hikers the opportunity to experience the region’s beautiful natural surroundings up close and to see some of the most spectacular and breathtaking views.

Hiking in the summer months is a fun Tremblant activity for all ages with short trails that are suitable for strollers to longer, steep mountain trails perfect for advanced hikers. The Mont Tremblant National Park has 18 different trails that span over 50 miles (82 km) and vary in length and level of difficulty.

Join your family, friends and other loved ones for a day of hiking in Mont Tremblant’s National Park. Explore of the grand Chute-du-Diable falls, hike to the top of Sentier La Roche trail and experience a spectacular panoramic view of the Valley of Lac Monroe, or the Diable River as it winds its way around the splendid vista of mountains.

Click here to see a detailed hiking trail map….Tremblant National Park Trail Map

There are several visitor’s centers and points of entry for the Mont Tremblant National Park. The closest is The Diablo Visitors Center which is about an 18 minute drive from the mountain resort.

La Diable Visitors Centre


If you’re planning on hiking in Tremblant National Park you must purchase an entry pass. Passes may be purchased at the park gatehouse during business hours or online through the park’s website here…