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Fat Biking

fat biking in Tremblant

Fat biking in Tremblant is the latest trend and has become one of the most popular activities in Mont Tremblant. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, a “fat bike” or “fatbike” is a mountain bike with extra-large, under-deflated tires. It is designed to be ridden on diverse terrain such as snow, sand, or mud. Fat bikes were originally used to travel across the sand in the Sahara and for racing through the snow in Alaska. However, their extreme versatility makes them capable of navigating any type terrain.


Where can you Fat Bike?
The village, ski resort and the downtown area of Mont Tremblant have embraced fat biking with so much enthusiasm they have groomed winter trails specifically for fat biking. The Ski de Fond Mont-Tremblant, the local nordic center, and Mont-Tremblant Cycling Club have dedicated 35km (22 miles) of trails for fat biking in Tremblant.


The “Le P’tit Train du Nord” linear park offers an 11 mile flat double track trail that is shared between the bikers, cross-country skiers, hikers, and snowshoers. This trail is ideal for beginners and anyone that prefers a ‘soft’ ride.


La Villageoise, an 18 mile trail that runs between the Village and the Resort. This trail is shared with cross-country skiers and has a steep incline. It is perfect for individuals that want a more challenging terrain.


L’ame du Sport’s bicycle workshop offers guided fat bike tours at night cruising by moonlight over snow-covered golf cart trails at Le Maître golf course. For more information on night tours call L’ame du Sport directly at 819-425-3308.


Don’t have a Fat Bike? Rent One!

Action Tremblant
Bel Air Resort
80 rue des Sept Sommets, La Conception, QC J0T 1MO
1 819-341-4577
Book Online

Max Ski Service
2047 Village Road
Mont Tremblant, QC
Call direct for rental prices.


Centre Aventure
1000 Chemin des Voyageurs
Mont-Tremblant, QC
(866) 783-5633

Rental Prices:
2 Hours – $29.99
4 hours – $39.99
Full day – $49.99


1908 Chemin du Village
Mont-Tremblant, QC
(819) 425-3308

Rental Prices
2 hours – $40
Full day – $65


Ski de Fond Mont-Tremblant
539 Chemin St Bernard
Mont-Tremblant, QC
(819) 425-5588

Rental Prices:
1 hour – $25
½ day – $35
Full day -$50


Je-Velo Tremblant
45 Rue de Saint Jovite
Mont-Tremblant, QC
(819) 425-3133

Rental Prices :
Full day – $69

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