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Wanderlust Mont Tremblant

Wanderlust Mont TremblantWanderlust Mont Tremblant has enjoyed growing popularity by yoga enthusiasts everywhere in North America. These inspiring all day events are held by yoga and sport professionals teaching the art of mindful living with many speakers, culinary experts and meditation instructors engaging with the community in the art of spiritual cleansing.


Be it at guided outdoor yoga and meditation sessions at sunrise in the crisp, fresh air of Mont Tremblant’s mountains, at the muscle strengthening triathlons through the forests and lakes or the all night chakra-spinning events, Wanderlust Mont Tremblant festival will transform your body and soul by allowing you to release your stress and find a new awakening through spiritual healing.


To get a better feeling about this year’s highlights, please click the link below:


Most sport enthusiasts make their Mont Tremblant vacation rental reservations months ahead of the festival due to its growing attention by the media and in social forums.

If you are interested in booking available Mont Tremblant vacation rental chalets or condos, please don’t hesitate to speak with your agent today at 1-819-774-0203.