Why choose a vacation rental

Tremblant vacation rental guide

This Tremblant vacation rental guide provides you with information on the advantages of choosing a vacation home over a hotel.

Why choose a vacation rental?

When you plan your vacation in Mont Tremblant you will find a wide selection of lodging options. While your first instinct may be to search for available hotel rooms, those who want to truly enjoy the very best Mont Tremblant has to offer will choose to stay in one of the many Mont Tremblant vacation rentals that are available throughout the resort Village and surrounding areas.

Vacation Rental Myths

5 vacation rental myths

We uncover 5 vacation rental myths that may be keeping you from enjoying the benefits of a vacation rental in Mont Tremblant.

1306rdhfjah01Only those travelers that have rented a vacation rental in Mont Tremblant can truly recognize the many benefits they have over a conventional hotel room. According to a National Research Group, 89% of the people they spoke with that had never stayed in a vacation rental before said that they would consider doing so. Unfortunately, common misconceptions including the 5 Tremblant vacation rental myths outlined below have prevented many travelers from experiencing the benefits associated  with vacation rentals in Mont Tremblant .

To set the record straight we have exposed 5 vacation rental myths:


Myth #1: The more space, the more expensive.
Many travelers assume vacation rentals are more expensive than traditional lodging options. Think again! If you take the average price of a vacation rental and divide it per person per night and factor in the extra space and amenities you get a great deal at a low price. You can save even more money with a vacation rental by utilizing the full-size kitchen to cook meals at home and the use of a washer and dryer will allow you to pack less and cut down on baggage fees.

Myth #2: Chalet rentals are for large families, not couples.
There are many types of vacation rental homes varying in size from small studio condos to much larger 5 or more bedroom chalet rentals. Whether you’re traveling alone, with a significant other, a group of friends, or extended family, you will have no problem finding a vacation rental in Mont Tremblant that fits your needs.

Myth #3: I have to stay for a long period of time. False!
Tremblant vacation rental chalets and condos are flexible when it comes to the length of stay. While a majority prefer hat you stay for at least 5 days, there are many rentals that offer weekend stays and during off-season you may even find vacation rentals that offer nightly rentals.

Myth #4: You have to book far in advance.
There is no set time-frame in which you must book a rental home before your trip. While booking further in advance can give you a greater selection to choose from, there are often great last-minute deals in many popular vacation destinations for those who can’t plan as far ahead.

Myth #5: No one to contact for maintenance issues or emergencies.
Nearly every vacation rental in Mont Tremblant is owner-operated or professionally managed which means it is highly unlikely that you will be left to fend for yourself during an emergency. If you rent directly from an owner you can guarantee they will provide you with a number that they can be reached at 24/7. A property management company will have both maintenance and customer service staff just to assist with guests’ needs and maintenance issues.

Vacation Rental Pros & Cons

Tremblant Vacation Rental Pros and Cons

Vacation rentals are increasing in popularity and have emerged as the preferred choice for lodging in Tremblant. But are Tremblant vacation rentals right for you? While there are some pretty significant advantages to choosing a vacation rental over a hotel there may be a few drawbacks as well. Below we have outlined the major vacation rental pros and cons for not just Tremblant vacation rentals but for use of short term rentals in general.

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Bigger Selection of Properties. Short term lodging in Tremblant includes many types of properties such as condos, luxury chalets, ski-in-ski-out condos, mountain homes and more. Tremblant vacation rentals are located all over the area and will also accommodate anywhere from two to ten people.

Fully Equipped Kitchens. With a vacation rental you have a full-size kitchen and the option to cook all or some of your meals at home. Eating three meals a day at restaurants in Tremblant or ordering room service can easily become your biggest vacation expense. By preparing some of your own meals in your rental you will have more money to do other things during your vacation.

Comfort and Privacy. Tremblant vacation condos and chalets are individually owned and located throughout private neighborhoods and gated communities in the area. Because your closest neighbor may be up the mountain or across the river you are assured privacy and wont hear any excessive noise. There is no chance of late night partiers making noise in the hallways, across the hall or on the other side of the wall.

More Room to Spread Out. Tremblant vacation rentals offer much more space compared to the average 300 square foot hotel room. Vacation chalets and cottages feature 1,700 to over 7,000 square feet and some even have a second living room and/or game room. They are perfect when traveling with large families and groups of friends.

Get More for Your Money. There are many ways that you save money when choosing a vacation rental over a hotel room. For one, you can save a large amount of money by fixing your own meals as opposed to eating out and the cost of room service. Secondly, when splitting the cost with family or friends the rent rate is much less than the average nightly hotel rate. Lastly, with a vacation rental you will have all the comforts that you have at home and more at no extra cost.

The many more advantages to booking Tremblant vacation rentals over typical hotel lodging in Tremblant then there are disadvantages. It’s for this reason the following list or vacation rental cons is so brief:

  • No daily replenishing of fresh clean towels.
  • No daily maid service to clean and straighten.
  • Less flexibility when it comes to travel dates.
  • You have less of a chance of being scammed when you book a hotel.
  • No concierge to coordinate activities and suggest local attractions.

Hotel or Vacation Rental

Hotel vs. Vacation Rental in Tremblant?

Before deciding where to stay in Mont Tremblant take a look at some of the benefits between renting a hotel vs. vacation rental.. Mont Tremblant offers a wide selection of accommodations from hotels to vacation rental condos, chalets, and minilofts.

If you are traveling alone then the typical hotel room is often the best choice. However, if you are traveling with a group of friends or planning a family vacation, why would you stay in a confined hotel room? Tremblant vacation rentals offer much more value for your dollar. Vacation chalets and condos provide more space, more privacy and often include more services and amenities than a hotel.

Not only do Tremblant vacation rentals provide more space and privacy when traveling with a group, but they are convenient and more cost effective than a hotel. With a vacation rental, everyone stays under the same roof. Chalet and condo rentals are perfect for families and friends who want to share common living areas and enjoy each other’s company while on vacation.

Hotel vs. Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals Hotel Rooms
Lower Rates Average weekly rate:
$1200 for 1 bedroom condo
$1750 for 2 bedroom condo
$3000 for 3 bedroom home
$4600 for 5 bedroom home
Average weekly rate:
$1500 for 1 bedroom suite
$3300 for 2 one bedroom suites
$7800 for 3 one bedroom suites
$10400 for 4 one bedroom suites
More Space Average vacation rental is 2,510 square feet. Average hotel rooms is 334 square feet.
More Privacy Sleep late: No maid service knocking on door early mornings.
No noise from other side of the wall or from late night partiers.
Private amenites: pool, hot tub and boat dock.
Daily maid service knocking on your door.
Noise from every angle from rooms above, below and next to yours.
Amenities such as pool & hot tub which are shared with everyone.
Save by Preparing Meals Vacation rentals have fully equipped kitchens: Save money by cooking your own meals. Overpriced room service, mini-bars and onsite restaurants can get expensive when you have to eat out 3 meals a day.
More lodging choices Many Property choices:
Mountain Chalets
Lakefront Cabins
Waterfront Villas
Luxury Homes
Standard Hotel Room with a choice of Queen, King or Twin beds and a water, garden, lake, or other view.
Pet Friendly? Don’t want to leave a loved pet behind? Many vacation rentals in Tremblant are pet friendly and have ample room for them to run. Not many hotel welcome pets and te few that do have weight restrictions.
Free Amenities Most Tremblant rentals will include free Wi-Fi, parking, pool, hot tub, babysitting, tennis and more. May hotel charge for parking, Internet service and resort fees for gym & spa use, towel service, etc.
Extra Costs No hidden or unexpected costs. You pay in advance and have a contract that outilines all charges. Extra Towel Fee Luggage holding fee
Wi-Fi Internet charges
Parking fee and more