March 26, 2016

History of Mont Tremblant Canada

Looking at Mont Tremblant Canada today it’s hard to imagine that this quaint village with all its modern conveniences is so rich with history. Below is a brief history of Mont Tremblant Canada that includes important events that were significant in shaping this ski town into one of the most popular vacation resort destinations in North America.

1st Chair Lift- 1939

1st Chair Lift- Mont Tremblant 1939

Important Dates in the history of Mont Tremblant Canada:

1872: The first settlers came when a parish priest by the name of Antoine Labelle opened twenty-nine counties and twenty parishes in the Tremblant region.

1892 – 1904: In 1892 the first train arrived near the mountain of Mont Tremblant Canada at the City of Saint Jovite and expanded all the way to Lac Mercier in 1904.

1906: In 1906, just two minutes away from Mont Tremblant, The Gray Rocks Inn was founded in lac Ouimet by Lucille Wheeler. Later on his daughter won the Bronze Medal for alpine skiing at the Winter Olympics.

1926: The municipality of Saint Jovite was incorporated.

1937: Joe Ryan, an American explorer arrives and has a vision to create the biggest resort in North America. It would be named Mont Tremblant ski resort.

1938: The opening of the new Mountain Lodge and its first ski lift that had 4,200 feet of cable. It took 250 skiers per hour.

Early 1990’s: After the opening of the first ski lift in 1938, Mont Tremblant Canada quickly became a successful resort and by the early 1990’s a large ski resort company, Intrawest, bought the village. This new company completely redevelopment Mont Tremblant by building new attractive buildings, chalets, hotels and boutiques. Intrawest forged new ski runs and modernized the ski lifts and gondolas.

2006: Intrawest sold Mont Tremblant ski resort to Fortress group.