March 26, 2016

lakes near Mont Tremblant

The Laurentians Mountains are gifted with a pristine nature and are well known for their incredible parks, forests, rivers and numerous lakes near Mont Tremblant. Set in the midst of this beauty is Mont Tremblant, one of the most prestigious resort destinations in Eastern North America. What makes Tremblant so unique is its wide range of activities available throughout all four seasons.

During the summer and the fall, visitors and nature lovers staying in Mont Tremblant enjoy taking advantage of the various outdoor activities the beautiful Laurentian Mountains have to offer. The many lakes near Mont Tremblant offer a fantastic scenery and a wide range of activities that enhance a vacationer’s experience. There are a handful of lakes located within a ten minute drive from the resort and each of these magnificent lakes offers many outdoor activities and special features.

Follow the links below for more information on the lakes in Tremblant and the many water activities that are available in and around these lakes:

  • Lakes with Beaches
    Enjoy the hot days of summer at one of Mont Tremblant’s lakefront beaches. Tons of family fun awaits you.
  • All Lakes near Trembant
    Many of the lakes in Tremblant are a great source for boating and other water activities while others are protected in order to preserve the environment.
  • Map of Tremblant Lakes
    This map will shows the location of lakes that are within just a short five to ten minutes drive from your Tremblant lodging accommodations.