The Province of Quebec

Mont Tremblant Canada is located in the Province of Quebec, the largest province in Canada and the only non-English speaking region in the country. The official language of Quebec is Canadian French; however those that live in tourist regions such as Montreal speak English as well.

The Province of Quebec is the largest of Canada’s ten provinces covering an area of 1.5 million square kilometers which is about three times the size of State of Texas. Quebec consists of both rural and urban areas with Montreal and Quebec City the most populated areas.

The Province of Quebec generates capital through its many natural resources such as energy, mineral resource and forestry. Other industries such as computer software, pharmaceutical, aerospace, biotech, construction, energy, tourism and film production have helped Quebec become Canada’s second most economically influential province.

The territory of Quebec features some of the most beautiful and marvelous terrain anywhere in the country with natural wonders such as the Laurentian Mountains. Mt Tremblant Quebec is located approximately 130 kilometers North of Montreal and it is a major tourist destination in Quebec attracting both local and international travelers.