Downtown Mont Tremblant

In 2000 the municipality of St Jovite Quebec joined the City of Mont-Tremblant and became Downtown Mont Tremblant, the areas business district. Also referred to as “Centre-Ville”, this charming downtown area is the largest of the three sectors and has a history that dates back over 100 years. Even though the former town of St. Jovite has been rebranded and renamed it has managed to hold on to its charismatic small town feel and instantly charms first time visitors.

Like many business districts, Downtown Mont-Tremblant is home to numerous businesses, banks, schools as well as city hall. This lively village also host many cultural and artistic events, such as the Blues Festival and the annual Jazz Festival. and open park spaces with shade areas where you can relax. The main street, Rue de Saint-Jovite, is lined with historic old homes with shaded terraces, antique shops, restaurants, and sidewalk cafes.