March 26, 2016

Halloween in Tremblant

One of the most popular events every fall is Halloween in Tremblant with its many costume-parties throughout the pedestrian village. The event will be held this year on Monday, October 31, with many themed festivities ongoing through Tuesday, November 1.

Most parents of small children enjoy the many trick or treat stands in front or in the numerous cafes, boutiques and bistros that amaze the smallest of Tremblant’s tourists and the youngest local population alike.


From 3.00 PM until 6.00 PM, makeup artists on street stands will be busy to paint the faces of attendees who didn’t find the time or were busy with other activities. Halloween in Tremblant features countless street kiosks that provide hot tea, hot cocoa and gluhwein as well as many tasty delicacies. Restaurants and Bistros feature special menus and theme their decorations to welcome the large scary and funny costumed crowds.

Staying in a contemporary Mont Tremblant Chalet close by will allow visitors to enjoy the countless parties organized throughout the village. If you are still in need of a suitable Mont Tremblant Chalet during this event, please use the live chat feature on this page or contact your booking agent at 1-819-774-0203.