February 2, 2018

services of a notary

Every Tremblant real estate transaction requires the services of a notary. The notary is required by law to be impartial with each party to the transaction. After you have signed the promise of purchase your notary will examine the title deeds to insure that the property is free and clean of any claims. The Notary will then verify the certificate of location to verify lot location and make sure your home complies with current building guidelines.

If there were no issues with the title or Certificate of Location, the notary will then draft the deed of sale. This will outline the responsibilities of each party involved in your financial obligations and each party involved in the Tremblant real estate transaction.

Once the deed of sale has been signed the notary will draw up the Statement of Adjustments which confirms the sale price and outlines any adjustments made such as the initial deposit amount, property taxes, and other fees. The buyer must then give the notary the amount owed which is put into a trust.

Services of a notary in a Tremblant real estate transaction include:

1.  Examine Title Deeds

  • Co-ownership declarations
  • Easements & mortgage deeds from previous owners
  • Payment of property taxes
  • Insurance coverage

2. Certificate of location

  • Correct lot dimensions & location
  • Property complies with local zoning regulations
  • No encroachments from neighboring lots

3. Drafting Deed of Sale
4. Statements of Adjustments & Disbursements
5. Witness the signing of the Bill of Sale by both buyer and seller
6. Manage the in-trust account
7. Register the Bill of Sale & Mortgage Deed with the Land Registry Office
8. Order State of Title Certificate