Vacation Rental Contracts in Mont Tremblant

When booking a vacation rental for the first time in Tremblant, guests will recognize the difference between a regular rental agreement and a vacation rental agreement by taking a close look.

Any vacation rental contract will immediately make it clear to the reader that short term rentals are not regulated by the same laws as long term leases. Any vacation rental in Tremblant falls legally in the same category as any hotel in regards to the rights and obligations of its inhabitants.

Please always observe not only local and federal regulations but also property specific rules that may apply.

Carefully read your contract and make sure you are familiar with the dos and don’ts of the property and ask your agent about any concerns you may have.

Short term rental laws in Quebec are guided by the Tourist Accommodation Classification Act and overseen by the Minister of the Corporation de l’Industrie touristique du Quebec.

You may want to visit their website for any additional information at Tourist Accommodation Classification.

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