March 4, 2018

Realtors’ vacation rentals listings

A handful of real estate agencies offer Tremblant vacation home rentals. However, the real estate agencies in Tremblant that do list vacation homes and condos are often unprepared to meet the needs of a short-term tenant. Real estate agencies deal primarily with long-term rental contracts and generally do not have the staff required to provide travelers with the level of customer service that is required with Tremblant vacation home rentals.

Even though Tremblant Realtors‘ vacation rental listings include some exceptional vacation homes and condos their services generally are lacking in other areas. Here are a few examples:

Customer Service Staff– Real estate agencies generally do not have the necessary staff that is required to tending to the needs of vacationers. Condos and villas that are managed by vacation rental companies provide quality customer service with each booking that includes check-in & check-out, housekeeping, 24-hour maintenance, and more.

Maintenance Staff – Every property requires regular repairs as well as periodic inspections performed. Since most real estate companies do not have an in-house maintenance staff there is no way to assure you’re their Tremblant vacation home rentals are well maintained. Without a customer service contact or maintenance staff there is no one to fix if an air conditioner breaks or there’s a plumbing leak, etc. and no one to call for other emergencies.

Cleaning Service – You may have to clean up after yourself. Real estate agencies generally do not employ housekeeping personnel or provide maid service. You may even be responsible for disposing of garbage as well as supplying the vacation rental with bathroom paper, kitchen paper towels, dish detergent, extra linens and towels during your stay.

Nonetheless, Realtors’ vacation rental listings offered by a real estate agency can usually be booked through one of the many general online booking websites.