November 9, 2017

Steps to obtain a Tremblant lodging license

To operate seasonal Mont Tremblant chalet rentals the owner of the property must first obtain a Tremblant lodging license (classification certificate) through the CITQ. The CITQ, Quebec’s Department of Tourism, is the institution that oversees all tourist accommodations in Tremblant.

Before starting the application process for a Tremblant lodging license verify first with the city that your home has the proper zoning to legally operate seasonal chalet rentals.

Step 1 – Opening a file

The first step is to open a file with the CITQ by applying for an attestation certificate. Once the file is open the CITQ then notifies the City of Mont Tremblant in which they will have 45 days to oppose the application.

If there is no opposition from the city, you may then submit and return the forms given to you by the CITQ.

Along with the forms you must also send in the application fees which as of 2017 included a base annual fee of $247.78 plus an additional $5.22 per accommodation.

You are also required to send proof that you have civil liability insurance with a minimal $2 million coverage.

Step 2 – Inspection of Tremblant chalet

Someone form the CITQ will come to the property and make an evaluation to determine the classification of the chalet rental.

Your home will be classified using a 5-star rating. A 5-star classification is given to upscale lodging establishments that offer exceptional comfort and many amenities. A 1-star classification is given to establishments that meet only the minimal requirements.

During the evaluation the CITQ will look at the appearance of the chalet, its cleanliness, services offered and the quality of the chalet from bedrooms and bathrooms to the common areas.

Once you receive your classification you will have 30 days to appeal the decision.

Step 3 – Receiving a Classification Certificate

Your home is then issued a Tremblant lodging license or ‘classification certificate’ which must be placed in public view on the exterior of your Mont Tremblant chalet rental.

If you for any reason you do not agree with the level of classification your property received, you have 30 days to file an appeal.

An interim classification inspection may be requested if the property is updated or additional services or amenities are provided.

Mont Tremblant chalet rentals license - Useful Links

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