September 17, 2017

3 Tremblant vacation rental booking tips

Many people use the internet to search for and reserve a Tremblant vacation rental. Online booking sites such as and have a large selection of vacation rentals and provide an easy means to locate the perfect vacation chalet or condo. While these sites are a convenient way to find the ideal Tremblant chalet rental, sometimes property descriptions may be misleading.

Before you put down a deposit on a chalet, read these 3 Tremblant vacation rental booking tips.  

Number of Bedrooms
If a listing says “sleeps ten,” this doesn’t always mean the property has 5 beds that sleep 2 people each or other combination. Typically, a property will include a sleeper-sofa or convertible futon as sleeping 1 or 2 people. It’s always best to ask for the total number of actual bedrooms and the number and size of the beds in each room.

Mattress Size
Also keep in mind that US/Canada mattress sizes are somewhat different than European bed sizes. European mattress sizes are slightly longer yet not as wide as the mattress sizes in US and Canada. It’s best to ask for the exact measurement of each bed before booking Tremblant chalet rental online.

Twin or Single 38 in × 75 in (97 cm × 191 cm) 35.5 in × 79 in (90 cm × 200 cm)
Full or Double 54 in × 75 in (137 cm × 191 cm) 55 in × 79 in (140 cm × 200 cm)
Queen 60 in × 80 in (152 cm × 203 cm) 63 in x 79 in (160 cm × 200 cm)
King 76 in × 80 in (193 cm × 203 cm) 71 in × 79 in (180 cm x 200 cm)
California King 72 in × 84 in (183 cm × 213 cm) 79 in × 79 in (200 cm × 200 cm)

The number of bathrooms you see listed may not always mean they are all ‘full-size’ bathrooms which include either a bathtub, a shower or both. It’s always best to clarify whether the bathrooms are ½ baths, sometimes referred to as “WC” for ‘water closet’, or full bathrooms with a shower and/or a bathtub.