April 19, 2018

VRBO Mont Tremblant

VRBO, a.k.a.Vacation Rental by Owner, was founded in 1995 and allows homeowners to advertise their properties to perspective travelers. According to their website, in 2018 there were 713 listings on VRBO in Mont Tremblant. These Tremblant vacation rental listings include condos, chalets, apartments, cottages & more. However, unlike Airbnb, on VRBO you are only allowed to rent the entire property or whole home which means you won’t be sharing space with the homeowner or other guests.


713 listings on VRBO in Mont Tremblant

Like Airbnb, VRBO also charges fees to renters. These service fees can be anywhere from 6% to 12%. VRBO also allows past guests to leave reviews for properties that they’ve rented from the website. These reviews are a great way for potential renters to get more information on a property and find out about past guests experiences staying at the property.