February 15, 2018

What are seasonal rentals Mont Tremblant?

Seasonal rentals Mont Tremblant: properties that are primarily rented out to tourists during a specific season and are particularly attractive in resort destinations such as Mont-Tremblant. The selection of seasonal rentals in Mont Tremblant includes chalets, townhomes, apartments, and condo-hotel units. These properties are typically rented for a period of 1 to 5 months and are most popular during the high seasons.

Seasonal rentals in Mont Tremblant usually bring the biggest draw during ski season which runs from mid-December through April and then again during summer from June to August. During these months the rates for seasonal rentals can increase by as much as 300%.

Contracts for seasonal rentals in Mont Tremblant are not like the traditional lease contract for where you would pay rent at the end of each month. Contracts for seasonal rentals are essentially the same as a vacation rental contract with all rates and fees paid upfront.

There are many seasonal rentals in Mont Tremblant to choose from. If you need more information on how to best choose a seasonal rental, be sure to call our representatives at +1-819-774-0203 or use the instant messaging tool at the bottom of this page.