avril 6, 2016

Tyroparc, Parc d’aventure en Montagne

Tyroparc, est l’endroit idéal pour les amateurs de frissons en recherche de sensations fortes. Ce parc d’activités Tremblant est situé a 25 miles (42 kms) de Mont Tremblant, au coeur du Mont Catherine à Sainte Agathe des Monts.

Tyroparc offre une varité d’activités Tremblant en plein air telles que la Via ferrata, le rappel, l’escalade, la décalade ou encore le zip line (tyrolienne), avec l’une des plus longues piste de zip line du Canada!

L’attraction pricipale de Tyroparc, est justement ce parcours de zip line, long d’1.6 miles (2.6 kms) et d’une hauteur allant jusqu’à 328 pieds (100m).


Tyroparc Mountain Park
400, chemin du Mont-Catherine
(Quebec) J8C 2Z7
Toll Free: 1-844-324-2002

Horaires du Parc:
Ouvert toute l’année
7 jours sur 7, de 9h à 17h

Age: A partir de 5 ans
Duration: 3 hours (may vary depending group size)
Tenue vestimentaire: Tenue confortable en fonction de la saison, chaussures de sport ou de marche.


Via Ferrata meaning « Iron Roads » in Italian, is a cross between rock climbing and hiking. A Via Ferrata is a path built into a rock surface using cables, ladders, bridges and other equipment in order to make it accessible to people. Via Ferrata was created by the Italians during World War I so soldiers could move quickly through parts of the Alps that were normally inaccessible. Via Ferrata has since grown into a very popular sport and is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Deepelling is the Canadian slang for « abseiling » or Australian rappelling which is the process of descent using a fixed rope and working your way down a steep cliff while standing in a face-forward position. In Australia, abseiling is a common military technique through which a soldier is attached to a secure rope allowing them to make a descent face down in order to fire a weapon. In order to provide a safe and controlled environment for this activity, Tyroparc has partnered with the Canadian Association of Décalade & Mountain Cross (ACDMC), the largest organization that specializes in this sport.

A zip line is a tree-based aerial course using free-moving pulleys from suspended cables and a safety harnesses to move a person from platform to platform. The zip line course is constructed high above the ground and designed to use a person’s weight and natural gravity as a propelling force. Mountainous countries have used zip lines as a form of transportation for many years. They’ve been traced back as far as the 18th century to the Chinese who used them to transport goods across rivers and streams.




Prices Include:

  • Access to the park and all trails
  • Certified guides
  • Base equipment including a harness & helmet
  • Departure instructions, security & itinerary