mars 26, 2016

Cartes de lacs en Mont Tremblant

There are 400 lakes and streams in the area and many of them are located within a short driving distance from Mont Tremblant lodging chalets and condos. Lake Tremblant, located on the South Side of the mountain, is a five minutes’ walk from the resort. Here you can enjoy some great beaches and a variety of water sports whilst other lakes may be locations for prime residential real estate.

Lake Desmarais (Private Community): Swimming, trout fishing, sculling, wakeboarding, waterskiing, sailing, kayaking and more.

Lake Raynaud (Public): Swimming beach, on-site lifeguard, fishing, and great for kids.

Lake Mercier (Public): Public swimming beach, paddle boats, kayaks, canoes, electric motor boats, picnic tables.

Lake Ouimet (Private): Swimming beach, on-site lifeguard, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, guided fishing tours, and more.

Lake Supérieur (Public): Swimming beaches, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, sailing, motorized boats, fishing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and much moré!

Lake Tremblant (Public): Lake Tremblant offers everything imaginable. Contact the Activity Center at or call (819) 681-4848 for more details.

Lake Moore (Public): Ice-skating, canoeing, swimming, nature paths, picnic tables.

Lake Gélinas (Private): Great fishing lake, canoeing, private docks, etc.