March 26, 2016

Drive to Tremblant

If you plan to drive to Tremblant from Montreal the distance is just 120 kilometers (80 miles). Without traffic it will take you approximately one hour and twenty minutes. To avoid traffic we suggest that you begin your drive to Tremblant between 10 am to 3.30 pm. The directions are simple and have you driving the entire way down Highway 15 which will take you directly to Tremblant. Whether you are a resident or just visiting you will find that the driving directions from Montreal to Mont Tremblant are simple and quick.

Unlike travel to most ski resorts there is literally no mountain driving when headed to Tremblabt. However we do want to caution those drivers who are not use to driving in Quebec. The roads are safe but they present a rather complicated configuration that may be confusing to drivers not familiar with the highway system. Additionally, snow storms are frequent in Montreal and the roads and highways often become very slippery. If you are not used to driving in the snow perhaps another form of transportation may be better.

Driving Distance: 138 km/85.5 miles

Average Driving Time: 1 Hour 32 minutes