March 26, 2016

Driving Directions to Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant is an award winning resort that attracts visitors all year round from place such as Canada, the United States, and even Japan. Tremblant is especially popular amongst New Yorkers can take advantage of the resort close proximately and drive to an award winning resort. The distance from NYC to Mont Tremblant is just 453 miles (729 Kilometers) which is a little over 7 hours of driving time.

Although Mont Tremblant is best known as a ski resort, it also offers many reasons and a multitude of activities during the summer and fall months. If you have time and like to drive the trip from NYC to Mont Tremblant is very enjoyable in these warmer months. Directions to Mont Tremblant take you through states such as Massachusetts and Vermont which are rich with history and offer many points of interest that the entire family will enjoy. If you add five miles to your trip you can travel right through Montreal Canada which is just an hour and 30 minutes from Tremblant. Referred to as “Canada’s Cultural Capital”, Montreal is one of North America oldest cities and offers an interesting architectural history, great shopping, good food and much more.

Below are step by step directions from NYC to Mont Tremblant. If you are driving and have GPS enter Mont-Tremblant, J8E 1T1 into your navigation system.

Step by Step Driving Directions to Mont Tremblant from NYC

Distance: 453 Miles (729 Kilometers)
Average driving Time: 7.5 hours

  1. From NYC follow Take autoroute I-87 north until you reach the Canadian border.
  2. I-87N turns into Highway 15 North at the border. Continue on Highway 15N toward Sainte-Agathe.
  3. As you pass Sainte-Agathe, Highway 15N merges becoming Route 117 North.
  4. Follow Route 117 North 1.2 miles (2 kilometers).
  5. Take exit 119 at the Mont Ryan intersection.
  6. Follow Moné Ryan to the roundabout and take the 3rd exit onto Chemin du Village.

Road Map – NYC to Mont Tremblant Canada