March 26, 2016

Highway Safety Driving to Mont Tremblant

According to the 2014 Quebec highway safety road deaths decreased for the sixth year in a row. These statistics also indicated that 34 drivers in the Laurentian regions lost their lives on the highways in 2014, 5 more than 2013.

If you are planning on driving to Mont Tremblant, be assured, the roads are well maintained throughout the year to reduce the number of accidents. During the winter, ice and snow removal trucks quickly take action to clear the roads. The roads are kept in good condition and beginning in May any damages that are a result of the harsh cold will be quickly repaired before the upcoming winter.

Anyone that is driving to Mont Tremblant or on the Laurentian highways will undoubtedly notice the strong police presence. This increased police presence combined with new laws against texting and driving, the zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and strictly enforced speed limits will considerably reduce the number of driving casualties.

Quebec Speed Traps

The latest statistics indicate drivers have the tendency to speed. The police are always on the lookout for speeders and frequently set up speed traps and have hidden patrol cars waiting to catch violators. Between May 11th and May 16th of 2015, the police distributed more than 2,000 speeding tickets.

In 2014, the number of people injured in accidents was 126 which was a 26% drop from the averages from 2009 to 2013. The significant decline can be attributed to improved prevention campaigns and increased control by the police.

We caution anyone that plans on driving to Mont Tremblant and who is not accustomed to driving in Canada. Although the roads are safer they still have a complex configuration and may seem confusing to any drivers unfamiliar with the highway system in Quebec.