October 6, 2018
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Mont Tremblant hotels - star classification rating

The region offers a large range of accommodations including Mont Tremblant hotels, B&Bs, tourist homes, vacation condos and other types of lodging establishments. In order to regulate these lodging establishments the CITQ, Quebec’s Tourism Department, has implemented a strict classification rating system called the Act and Regulation Respecting Tourist Accommodation Establishments. The program uses a 0 to 5 star classification rating system which rates lodging establishments on the basis of comfort, services and safety.

The purpose of the Act is to protect travelers looking for Mont Tremblant hotels and other types of lodging establishments by improving the quality of accommodations offered.

The rating system itself classifies each lodging establishment on a scale of 0 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest possible rating. Below is a brief breakdown of each star level pertaining to Mont Tremblant hotels:

1 star– Hotel establishment with basic comfort, whose layout and services comply with quality standards.

2 stars – Comfortable hotel with a good quality layout that provides some services and amenities.

3 stars – A very comfortable hotel with a good quality of service and many services and amenities.

4 stars – Superior-quality hotel facility with outstanding amenities and a range of services and amenities.

5 stars – Exceptionally comfortable hotel establishment with a high standard of accommodation offering a multitude of services and amenities.