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Mont Tremblant real estate market: everything you need to know

Mont Trembkant real estate, Bel Air Resort

Bel Air Resort Tremblant

The Mont Tremblant real estate market is booming, according to a senior director at Engels & Völkers Tremblant. In 2018, real estate transactions increased by 23% over 2017 and 2019 looks like it may move even higher. With home sales increasing and the supply decreasing, prices are rising.


This four-season resort town is swarming with buyers and in order to meet the demand there has been a significant rise in new construction. There are more new projects in the works now than the Mont Tremblant real estate market has seen in a decade.

Mont tremblant real estate market

Mont Tremblant Rental Investment Guide

According to Quebec law, any cottage, apartment or house rented for a period of 31 days or less must possess an official classification certificate.

Tremblant real estate investment

Types of Rental Investments

With the rapidly growing inventory of lodging establishments in Quebec, The Ministry of Tourism has implemented stricter laws in an effort to regulate short-term rentals in Tremblant and throughout Quebec.

Tremblant real estate professionals

Real Estate Professionals in Tremblant

Tremblant offers numerous activities and things to do for families in both summer and wintertime from camping and fishing to ziplines, carting and mini golf.

Mont tremblant real estate

Steps to Buying a Property

The steps to buying a home in Tremblant are pretty simple. Buying Mont Tremblant real estate is not much different than if you were buying a property in the United States.

real estate Mont Tremblant

Real Estate Projects in Tremblant

Here are some great opportunities to buy or build a home in one of over thirty real estate projects in Tremblant. These exclusive communities in Tremblant are spread across five distinct areas.

Tremgblant real estate projects

Real Estate Projects Near Tremblant

People are moving to the region at a rapid pace and the Tremblant real estate market is quickly spilling out over the mountain into the surrounding region. Many buyers and investors are purchasing homes in residential communities near Mont Tremblant.

Vacation rental tips for those interested in rental income investments in Tremblant

Information from how to obtain the required classification certificate for your rental home to the local laws that have been implemented to regulate short-term rentals in Mont Tremblant.