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Buy or Build

Building vs Buying a Home

Below we provide you with information on building vs buying a home for sale in Mont Tremblant. Buying your first home may be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Home buying is an exciting time but with all the decisions to be made, it can be quite stressful. The first big decision a new homebuyer has to make is whether to buy one of the many resale homes for sale in Mont Tremblant or build a new home.


Before you decide whether to buy or build a home, you should first weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of each scenario.

Advantages of building a home

The biggest benefit of building a home is the ability to completely customize it to your liking. From the floorplan to finishes, you control how your new home will look from the ground up. After you purchase it, you won’t have to spend more money renovating it.

home for sale in Mont Tremblant

With a new home everything is brand new and under warranty including appliances, plumbing, heating and even the roof. You won’t have to spend much on maintenance costs for the first couple of years.

building vs buying a home

New homes are much more energy efficient which means you should have significantly lower utility bills. there are many reasons why a new home is more energy-efficient including: advanced insulation, high efficiency HVAC systems, energy-efficient appliances, high quality windows, and more.

home for sale in Mont Tremblant

A new home will incorporate the latest technology that often includes alarm systems, high-speed wired internet, cable wiring, and digital thermostats. This of course will save you from placing holes in your new walls, time and a ton of mon

building vs buying a home

You never know what life may bring you and down the line you may have to relocate, downsize or up size. While you’re new home is now a used home the construction quality, age and features most often are much more desirable than a home that was built 10+ years ago. Buying one of the new homes for sale in Mont Tremblant may just pay you dividends down the road

building vs buying a home