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Canadian MLS

The Canadian MLS listings

Canadian MLS listingsThe Canadian MLS listings (Multiple Listing Service) was created 50 years ago by CREA, the Canadian Real Estate Association. The Canadian MLS is a helpful tool for sellers and even more for anyone searching for homes for sale in Mont Tremblant. This data base of real estate listings is a primary marketing platform that Realtors in Tremblant use to market their listings. Approximately 90% of all real estate transactions in Canada originate from this multiple listing service.


The Canadian MLS listings are very similar to the multiple listing service used by Realtors in the United States. The system is used by over 100,000 CREA members working for one of 101 real estate associations and boards in Canada. The system will act as a key tool for those selling or buying real estate in Tremblant. It offers the broadest distribution possible for marketing the sale of a home and offers the largest selection of homes for sale in Mont Tremblant.


By using the Canadian MLS listings, Realtors in Tremblant can determine a buyers needs, quickly search the database of listings and come up with a list of homes for sale that meets the client’s criteria. This means that there is no wasting time looking at homes that don’t meet the needs and requirements of the buyer. The multiple listing service is also a great source for analyzing market trends which is helpful for buyers and sellers. For instance, data gathered from the Canadian MLS will show you price trends for a specific type of house in a given region, municipality or neighborhood.