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Tremblant single-family home communities

Tremblant single-family home communitiesMont-Tremblant is one of the most visited cities in the Laurentians and while it increases in popularity, Tremblant’s real estate development is also experiencing strong growth. In 2017, the number of sold properties in Tremblant single-family home communities set a new record with a 36% increase from the previous year.


Potential homebuyers looking to purchase either a primary home or second home in Mont-Tremblant will have a range of properties to look at and a lot to consider before buying. Each community offers its own unique set of characteristics from the style and architecture of its homes to the amenities that it offers. What you may find advantageous as a homebuyer others may not.


Here are a few things to consider looking at Tremblant single-family home communities:

  • The location: Forest, mountain, waterfront, or near the resort?
  • With or without a community clubhouse?
  • Short-term regulations: Do you want to earn rental revenue?
  • New homes or resale homes?
  • Rustic or modern?
  • Urban, rural or mountain character
  • Primary and secondary homes

Tremblant single-family home communities located closest to the Mont Tremblant resort are in the highest demand and the closer the property is to the slopes, the higher the price.