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Belvédère Estates

Belvédère Estates: luxury homes for sale in Tremblant

Belvédère Estates Tremblant, located on Lake Ouimet, offers lots and luxury homes for sale in Tremblant. The site is located in the heart of the beautiful mountains of Mont-Tremblant, with a breathtaking view of Lake Ouimet.


The rigorous architectural standards of the homes in Belvédère Estates ensure the homogeneity of the neighborhood and the certainty of being surrounded by beautiful properties. An underground electrical network and paved roads serve all properties. All residences have access to Lake Ouimet.


The architectural style of these luxury homes in Tremblant is inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement. Nature is the primary source of inspiration for this movement so that everyone who enters these residences will find peace and tranquility.


Features of Belvédère Estates Tremblant:


Belvedere Estates
Chemin du Belvédère
Mont-Tremblant, QC.