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Indian Summer

Tremblant Indian summer: Best time to see fall colors in Mont Tremblant

Best time to see fall colors in Mont Tremblant is the two weeks beginning mid-September during Tremblant Indian summer.


Every year thousands of visitors arrive from all over the world to experience the Tremblant Indian summer. This amazing and spectacular weather phenomenon occurs every year during autumn after the first frost has brought freezing temperatures. Indian summer occurs between late September and November and is defined by above normal temperatures with sunny and clear days and chilly nights.


The breathtaking views of the forested mountains of Mont Tremblant are known by photo artists around the world as some of the most amazing natural scenery, reflecting all the color spectrum of autumn with crystal-clear, blue skies.


Conditions similar Tremblant weather exist in central Europe known under the name Altweibersommer, literally translated as old women summer. Meteorologists have become experts in predicting the exact time of this unusual weather condition which changes every year.

Tremblant Indian summer is a term used to describe a string of uncommonly warm and sunny days in the fall and can occur anytime between early October and mid-November.