March 26, 2016

Safety on Mont Tremblant Mountain

Mont Tremblant ski safety is very important on the mountain especially during the busiest season when the ski slopes are packed with skiers. Regardless of skill level, Tremblant Ski Resort takes safety seriously and caution should be exercised at all times. Alpine ski in Tremblant is fun, exhilarating, and full of adrenaline but can also be dangerous. Skiers should not only be in control of their skis but they should also be aware of the behavior of other skiers.

The cold winter weather at Tremblant Ski Resort combined with the artificial snow produced by the large network of snow guns can often form a layer of ice on the slopes resulting in harder than normal ski conditions. Even the best of skiers have difficulty maneuvering on the ice and it is most important to be cautious during these conditions. Falling down in the powdery snow is one thing but falling and hitting the hard iced surface is dangerous and can result in injuries. Tremblant Ski Resort recommends that all skiers wear helmets at all times to avoid any potential head trauma.

The Mountain Code of Conduct has three basic rules everyone must follow to insure Mont Tremblant ski safety for all skiers:


Beginner or expert, speeding will not be tolerated on any level of slope. Skiers should adjust their speed so that they follow the general flow for that trail level.


Skiers should control their skis at all times and be aware or the other skiers and snowboarders around them. Skiers should make sure they are properly equipped and utilizing the trails that match their skill level.


Skiers should respect all signs posted on the mountain. Signage will alert for the presence of ice, specify the skill level of slopes, and poles located along the trails will warn skiers to avoid some rocks to avoid. Ski is a fun sport but should be done while respecting all safety measures.