March 26, 2016

Tremblant snow guns

Skiable Terrain: 654 acres
Artificial Snow Coverage: 465 acres
Average Annual Snowfall: 395 cm/156 in
Snow Making Capability: 100%
Snow Guns: 1,039

Mont Tremblant ski resort has one of the most advanced snowmaking systems in North tremblant-snow-gunsAmerica, with over 1,000 Tremblant snow guns.

Mont Tremblant ski resort has an average annual snowfall of 395 cm (156 inches) a year. More than 77% of the resort’s 650 acres of skiable terrain is covered by artificial snow. Thanks to The Avalanche, Tremblant’s powerful snow system, the ski resort has 100% snow-making capability. This massive snow blower powers 1,037 Tremblant snow guns and is one of the most powerful in North America.

Additionally, the ski resort is outfitted with the newest and most modern super-mega grooming machine, the Prinoth Beast. Its functionality is gauged by its strength, its size and its speed. Combine the Tremblant Snow Guns and the groomer with a good snowfall and you are guaranteed the perfect skiing and snowboarding conditions.