November 20, 2018

2018/19 Tremblant Tonik Pass

Tremblant Tonik Pass – Mont Tremblant Ski Resort’s new Tonic Pas, which is exclusive to Canadian residents only, offers 120 days of skiing with 3 flex days that can be used anytime within the season and on holidays. With the Tonik Pass you get up to 28 weekend days which includes 12 Saturdays and 16 Sundays.

The prices for the Tremblant Tonik Pass (until December 13) start at just $19 for children 4 and under to $499 for adults.

For an additional $75, Tonik Pass holders purchase the Privileges Bundle for access to first track acces, $200 in gift certificates to use at Boutiques Tremblant, one free equipment tune up and much more.

Tremblant Tonik Pass features:

  • 120 fixed days of skiing
  • 3 flex days to use anytime during the season including Holidays
  • Up to 31 weekend days
  • School break days included
  • 15% off on days not included
  • $75 for Tremblant’s ‘Privileges Bundle’ for pass holders
  • Valid all season long when combined with a seasonal program from Tremblant’s Snow School
  • Exclusive to Canadian residents

2018/19 Tremblant Tonik Pass Prices