March 26, 2016

Change of seasons in Tremblant

Canada is widely known to enjoy four full seasons within the calendar year, offering spectacularly changing landscapes and climate. The change of seasons in Tremblant makes it a popular tourist destination throughout all seasons that offers a wide array of events and activities in winter, spring, summer and in fall.

Most of our vacation chalets in Tremblant are located in the mountainous outskirts of Mont Tremblant’s National Park with amazing views onto its ever rotating natural beauty.

Although the change of seasons in Tremblant repeats itself annually, natural climate changes shift seasons slightly from one year to another.


When planning to enjoy your holidays in our vacation chalets in Tremblant, we advise our guests to observe the following dates as a guideline for seasonal timeframes anywhere in the province of Quebec:

  • Spring: early March to late May
  • Summer: late May / early June to late August / early September
  • Fall: early September to late November
  • Winter: early December to late February

If you need more information on climate conditions in Mont Tremblant, please visit Canada’s official government website at

If you are planning to visit Mont Tremblant and have questions on how to best chose a vacation home, please call our representatives at 1-819-774-0203.