March 26, 2016

Mont Tremblant Weather in Winter

Most of the visitors that book Mt Tremblant holidays are coming to enjoy the snow activities from downhill and cross-country skiing to dog sledding. It is for this reason that visitors will always check the Mt Tremblant weather forecast for the accumulation of snow before booking their holidays. The winters are cold with an average annual snowfall of 382 cm/150 inches. There is almost always snow on the ground, nonetheless the village is prepared and has an extensive network of snow blowers.

January is the coldest month with average daily temperatures around -12 ºC. It is important to keep in mind that the temperatures are much colder when adding in the wind chill factor, particularly on top of the ski slopes. The ski season usually ends around the beginning to middle of April about the same time the temperatures begin to raise.

It is most important when planning Mt Tremblant holidays in the winter that you pack in accordance to the weather. The right clothing and adequate gear can make all the difference in the world. Make sure you pack long sleeve shirts, thermal underwear, fleece pants, and a comfortable ski/snow jacket.

Please see the table below to see Mt Tremblant weather averages and expected temperature in winter.