May 13, 2016

pharmacies in Tremblant

Many people spend holidays in Mont Tremblant with family and with friends. It is a great resort destination that offers a large number of summer and winter activities. Most of the summer activities in Tremblant are family friendly while others are more challenging and present a higher risk of causing minor injuries to participants.

When visiting Mont Tremblant during the cold winter months you are more at risk of coming down with the common cold or flu that is associated with the season. Visitors should prepare ahead of time and pack an emergency bag with any medications they may use to cure common ailments.

The cold and flu season combined with minor injuries can keep pharmacies in Tremblant very busy throughout the year. Local pharmacies are well prepared and in most cases have the resources to make sure that all issues are attended efficiently. Pharmacies in Tremblant are structured much like the pharmacies in the US such as CVS and Walgreens. Should one need to buy medicines they will have no problem locating pharmacies in Tremblant. Tremblant pharmacies offer a large Over-the-Counter drug section where you will find everything for the common cold and flu symptoms, minor injuries as well as health and beauty products. A pharmacist is always present to give clients advice or deliver prescription drugs.

The two pharmacies in Tremblant are both located 7.5 miles (12.5 km) from the mountain resort in St Jovite. Jean Coutu Pharmacy is easily accessible with good parking and is generally cheaper. Uni-Prix is the other pharmacy which is located across from Jean Coutu. The address for both pharmacies is below.

PLEASE NOTE: Pharmacies in Tremblant will not fill prescriptions written by a US doctor. You must have a Canadian doctor’s referral in order to get emergency prescriptions filled.

Jean Coutu
1065 Rue de Saint Jovite

Uniprix Jonathan Perreault & Gaetan Couillard
990 Rue de Saint Jovite
Tel: 819-425-2305