December 10, 2017

Paying TPS & TVQ tax on massages in Tremblant

Our Mont Tremblant guide provides the most reliable source of information concerning our wonderful city including paying TPS & TVQ tax on massages in Tremblant. Let’s start by understanding what these taxes are. TPS & TVQ is a tax that applies on most transactions in Quebec. The tax applies on the purchasing of goods or delivering of services. The TVS is a federal tax and TVQ is the provincial tax for a combined amount of 15%. This tax applies to all beauty treatments including massages services.

In most cases you will have to pay this tax on top of the cost of the treatment, it is the law. All services sold in Quebec will indicate the cost of the service and the TPS TVQ percentage will be added on your invoice automatically. It is not negotiable. The only time you may not have to pay this tax is when you hire an independent massage therapist to come to your home or vacation chalet in Tremblant. In this case the massage therapist may not declare his service and therefore will not charge you the tax. This is rare and it is against the law but this does happen occasionally.

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