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Is Airbnb Legal

Legality of chalet rentals in Tremblant by Airbnb

chalet rentals in TremblantClients booking a chalet rental in Tremblant with Airbnb mistakenly assume that the rental is legal. The reality can be quite different, as evidenced in recent news and press. Indeed, Airbnb is a marketplace where anyone can list a property for rent and the platform does not verify who owns the property, nor investigates cases where properties are not actually advertised by the true owner.


Airbnb does not verify if the zoning code of a chalet rental in Tremblant located in a certain area allows for short term rentals or if the building in which a condo is listed for rent actually allows such activity.


Airbnb does not crosscheck the property’s compliance with all the security norms requested by the province of Quebec. The CITQ oversees the lodging industry of Quebec and delivers the proper licenses required to operate a short term rental property. The CITQ first makes sure that local laws are respected, then they inspect the lodging unit, deliver a ranking and subsequently the license to operate a rental. The operator will need to pay all lodging taxes.


Last but not least, many owners are not aware of the local laws or decide not to abide by those laws to avoid paying resort or hotel taxes.


Mont Tremblant has very strict laws regarding short term rentals and does not allow them in most areas of the region. The city is actively looking for violators who will be fined and their illegal guests expelled.


Most large cities all over the world are now suing Airbnb alleging the company helps owners and operators break the law. Various lawsuits have been filed in cities such as Vancouver, New York city, Miami, Paris and more.