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Legal rentals in Tremblant

How to recognize legal short term rentals in Mont Tremblant

With the rapidly growing inventory of lodging establishments in Quebec, The Ministry of Tourism has implemented stricter laws in an effort to regulate short-term rentals in Mont Tremblant and throughout Quebec.


Whether it is a hotel, condo, cottage or chalet rental, recognizing a legal establishment is quite simple. In order to legally offer short-term rentals in Tremblant the operator, owner or manager of the property must hold a classification certificate issued by the Quebec Tourism Industry Corporation (CITQ). The classification certificate is valid for two years and is in the form of a sign.


Short-term rentals in Mont Tremblant that have received a classification from the CITQ must display the sign in clear sight of guests at the entrance of the establishment.


Although the classification is a guarantee of quality, not all classified rental establishments are equal. Before being issued a classification sign, all lodging establishments in Quebec are evaluated and ranked on a scale from 0 to 5 stars with 5 signifying the highest level. The establishment is then issued a sign which displays the property name and the number of stars it received from the CITQ evaluation.


The CITQ, Quebec’s Tourism Industry Corporation, has made it easy to check if an establishment holds a certificate. Before booking a place to stay in Tremblant, search the CITQ’S list of classified establishments directly from their website…


= Waiting for a classification
** Some 1-4 star hotel establishments were rated TOP and are included in these statistics.