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Common Policies

vacation rentals in Tremblant: common policies

When choosing vacation rentals in Tremblant, guests will find there are many rules that apply to most properties and are common vacation rental policies in Mont Tremblant and elsewhere.


Our vacation rentals in Tremblant are popular among young professionals and families alike and we are always eager to ensure all our guests feel safe and enjoy their stay with us.


Many guests have become vivid fans of Mont Tremblant during all seasons and enjoy staying with us during their ski vacations but also during the special events that are plentiful and well organized in Tremblant.


To avoid any unpleasant experience for travelers while staying in our chalets and condos, common rules are in place to protect the properties and to keep our guests safe at all times.


Below is a list with the most common vacation rental policies in Mont Tremblant:


No Smoking
As in most private households, we require that our guests do not smoke while inside any of our properties.


No parties
Because many of our chalets and condos are within close proximity to another occupied property, we make sure there are no parties that could be considered unpleasant to neighbors.


No nudity
Most of our clientele consists of young professional and families with children. In order to avoid embarrassing moments for anyone on our properties, there is no nudity allowed.


No dangerous activities
Please be advised that all our properties are monitored by security systems and fire and smoke alarm systems. To avoid alarm notifications to the local authorities, please never create any open fire on balconies or inside the properties.


No loud noise
Please always be aware, other guests might be resting just one apartment above or below you. Always be conscious of the noise level of your entertainment devices as well as at gatherings.