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What is a Contract?

What is a contract for a vacation rental in Mont Tremblant?

vacation rental in Mont TremblantA contrat for a vacation rental in Mont Tremblant is a written document that recognizes a legal and binding relationship between a property owner, or the person renting out the property, and the guest that is renting the property for a short period of time.


In Mont Tremblant a contract for a vacation condo or chalet rental will commonly include the booking details such as guest name, rate and the rental dates. The contract will then clarify the responsibilities for each party. Responsibilities may include the owner agreeing to provide access to the property and the guest agreeing not to have a party while staying at the property.


A typical contract for a vacation rental in Mont Tremblant will also include a list of other contract terms and rules along with any penalties associated with them.


Below is a list of the most common things found in a contract for a vacation rental in Mont Tremblant:


Booking Transaction Terms. This section explains exactly who the tenant is paying the fees to and who is liable in case of dispute.


Payment Terms. This section clarifies what payments are due and what percentage of the payment will be returned to the tenant in case of cancellation.


Damage and Insurance. This section will reiterate your liability and your guest’s liability in case of damage to the property or injury to the renter or their guests.


Cancellation Terms. This section specifies under what circumstances you can cancel a renter’s stay – usually in the case of unforeseen damage to the property.


Indemnification and Hold Harmless. A standard inclusion in most leases, this protects you in the case of a guest’s injury, damage, loss or theft.


Attorney’s Fees and Costs. This section clarifies that if a guest takes you to small claims court and loses their case, they are liable for your legal fees.


Disputes. In the case of a chargeback or refund demand, this section should clarify what a guest must do to prove you failed to live up to your end of the agreement.