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Illegal Rentals

Suppression of illegal house rentals in Mont Tremblant

Since April 15, 2016, amendments have been made to the Act and the Regulation Respecting Tourist Accommodation Establishments in Quebec . One of the main changes is the increase in fines for illegal house rentals in Mont Tremblant that do not hold a classification certificate. Tremblant vacation rentals must be authorized by your municipality.


If you offer Mont Tremblant chalets for rent to tourists and do not have a classification certificate, the Ministry of Tourism will initiate the following procedures in their effort to suppress illegal short-term rentals in Tremblant.


  • Notice of Violation (by mail)
  • Visit of an inspector or an investigator to identify the place of offense and the operator (in person)
  • Transfer of file to the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions
  • If you are in a situation of nonconformity, you are liable to receive a statement of offense and a fine:

– $2,500 to $25,000 per day for a natural person;
– $5,000 to $50,000 per day for a corporation.


The city has decided to take drastic measures to put an end to illegal short-term rentals in Tremblant. The city that works with the Quebec Tourism Industry Corporation (CITQ) has decided to attach a notice concerning this obligation to municipal tax bills sent to the homeowners. The notices sent to homeowners in Mont-Tremblant also mention the heavy penalties to which the offending they may incur. The municipality of Mont-Tremblant is determined to put an end to this problem that it’s been facing for years.


The CITQ has the authorization to issue warnings to offenders but cannot give out violations. The CITQ can only cases of non-compliance to the authorities that officially issue the violations. It is clear that the Ministry of Tourism wants to repress illegal rentals throughout the province and Mont-Tremblant is working closely in this regard.


It is in an attempt to regulate illegal short-term house rentals in Mont Tremblant by individuals in direct competition with the hotel sector and without preventing the existence of platforms such as Airbnb, that the government has made the regulation on tourist accommodation establishments much stricter.


  • house rentals in Mont TremblantAll accommodations displaying a sign are advertised on the Ministry of Tourism’s promotional website here,;
  • Your clientele will be more comfortable reserving at your facility if they see the official sign;
  • The international clientele is looking for and recognizing the classification indicated by stars; Quebec’s classification standards meet international standards.