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Why a Classification?

Why Mont Tremblant accommodations need a CITQ classification certificate

Mont Tremblant accommodations, CITQ classification certificateUnder the Act and Regulation respecting Tourist accommodation establishments, operators of Mont Tremblant accommodations and other such establishments in Quebec are required to hold a CITQ classification certificate allowing them to operate their establishment. The classification certificate is valid for 24 months and takes the form of a sign that must be posted in plain sight.


There are two main objectives to the CITQ classification program:

1. to protect travelers
2. to improve the quality of Tremblant vacation rental accommodations and other such establishments offered in Quebec.


The CITQ classification program has many benefits including:

  • Travelers are assured that they are getting a complete and reliable description of every Mont Tremblant accommodation in Quebec;
  • Owners of establishment accommodations can reference detailed documentation in order to help them develop products adapted to their target markets, while ensuring healthy competition;
  • Developers and policy makers have specific data on the supply of accommodations that they can use to develop promotional strategies tailored to the specific market.