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Vacation Rental Tips

8 Tips for booking vacation rentals in Mont Tremblant

vacation rentals in Mont TremblantTremblant vacation rental is a great alternative to a hotel room and typically offers much more for the money. In fact, Mont Tremblant chalet rentals and condos have much more space than a hotel room and more privacy. Most importantly, a vacation rental provides its guests with most of the comforts you find at home.


For those travelers that plan to stay in a Mont Tremblant vacation rentals for the first time, there are many questions you must ask yourself. Below are some tips that will help ensure the property you choose best suits your needs and some important things to consider before sending in a deposit or paying.


Plan Early: The earlier you book your vacation rental the better. By planning your vacation ahead of time you will have a larger inventory of condos and homes to choose from and at lower prices. Naturally, the best-priced vacation rentals in Mont Tremblant will get snatched up first. Most people book a minimal 90 days in advance to their travel date.


How Many People: The amount of people in your group will help to determine the size and the type of rental you. Then to determine how many bedrooms you need to figure out who is sharing a room and who is not.


Type of Property: Once you confirm how many people will be in your group you can then decide on the property type such as a condo, chalet, cottage or villa. Tremblant condo rentals feature up to 3 bedrooms and will accommodate up to six people. Chalet, cottages, and villa rentals feature a maximum of five bedrooms and will accommodate up to 12 people.


Search Multiple Sources: Make sure before you find a vacation rental that you have searched around and compared rates. Doing a thorough search gives you an opportunity to see the different amenities offered and to get a better feel for the place you will be visiting. Start with one of the major vacation rentals websites like or Also, check smaller websites that are location specific and advertise only properties within a certain area such as These sites will often have a larger inventory and include properties that you won’t see on other websites.


Due Diligence: Verify the legitimacy of the property and Google the vacation properties address, the landlord or owner’s name and even the phone number. Also, cross reference the owner’s name and address by checking local government’s property records. Also, ask for references from previous guests.


Ask A lot of Questions:
Once you have done your due diligence on the property now is the time to ask as many questions as you want. For instance, what is or isn’t included in the price? How equipped is it? Will it have just the basics or will you need to bring your own soap, toilet paper, etc? Is maid service available? Ask about parking and transportation.


Get a Contract: Don’t send any money until you have a signed contract from the owner or property manager. Make sure you read this contract from beginning to end and agree with all the terms.


Payment Options: A legitimate vacation rental owner or management company will have several payment options. Avoid paying with cash, money order or cashier’s check and make sure if you do you get a receipt. Using a credit card is the safest way to pay for vacation rentals in Mont Tremblant. You are protected against fraud and the credit card company will temporarily credit your account if any dispute may occur.


For a great selection of vacation rentals in Mont Tremblantand condos, call at 1-800-385-4644 and speak to a member of our professional sales staff.